The e-commerce industry bears no resemblance to the one before the Covid-19 pandemic. It is gaining traction, pushing the conventional brick-and-mortar approach to the sidelines. Even before the global financial crisis, online sales had been steadily increasing. According to Statista, worldwide internet sales will reach $6.5 billion by 2023. Therefore, businesses are actively looking for Shopify Plus development to develop their stores further.

Selling things online, on the other hand, is a difficult job. Having said that, building a genuinely powerful Shopify Plus store or efficiently growing an existing one is not a task for inexperienced users. While you can have a Shopify Plus site up and running in almost no time, you will undoubtedly face several challenges.

Luckily, that assistance is on its way. You only need to engage a Shopify Plus development agency. We’ve outlined the advantages of using Shopify Plus web development and popular types of service below.

What Is A Shopify Plus Store Development?

Shopify Plus development services are available to help you build, maintain or update your Shopify Plus store. 

Shopify Plus, the company’s “enterprise-level” service, can be a valuable platform for large eCommerce businesses with high-volume sales. Refer to Shopify Plus Benefits: Does Your Business Need It? [2022]

Shopify plus limitations

However, the Shopify Plus service falls short when your expanding firm requires sophisticated customization, deeper international selling capabilities, and other characteristics that prominent digital commerce brands want.

  • Back-end changes can be time-consuming and difficult. Changes and enhancements to your store’s functionality must be controlled from the front end or the Shopify API.
  • It is challenging to acquire the branded appearance and feel to distinguish your store from the competition. Even though the platform provides several pre-built themes, many other store owners use the same templates. Unless you make adjustments, you will not be able to get the branded appearance and feel that will distinguish your store from the rivals.
  • There are no native filtering or search options when building up your catalog. Furthermore, the platform has limited product attribute standards, making it challenging to configure different fields for different types of products.
  • It does not offer locked checkout functionality. You can change the design of your front-end checkout, but you can’t add fields or change functionality.
  • By no means is it a full-service eCommerce solution for inventory and logistics. As you expand into additional regions and nations, the upfront in-house storage and fulfillment expenditures can make rapid expansion impossible. Shopify Plus does not offer any of these services to customers.

Thus, a Shopify Plus store development service is an advanced solution ready to be used to develop the store and optimize the user experience, overcoming the limitations of Shopify Plus.

Luckily, Shopify Plus partners can offer several store development services such as web setup & customization, system integration, platform migration, store maintenance & optimization. You don’t need to spend time learning about coding, but you can still optimize your store thanks to professional Shopify Plus development agencies.

Shopify Plus development

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Do You Need Shopify Plus Development?

Shopify Plus Service Can Make Your Store Truly Unique

If you visit websites such as Amazon or eBay, you instantly know the firms that own them. It is because they have a one-of-a-kind layout and color style that no other marketplace does. 

Shopify Plus business owners should strive to differentiate their site from the competition. It helps to more significant traffic and increases company recognition.

Many merchants thought they could install and personalize one of the numerous Shopify themes for your website. Other vendors, though, can accomplish the same thing. And it leads to a situation of hundreds of faceless businesses with similar appearances. Thus, consumers see no distinction between these sites and will visit any of them at random.

It’s far better to find a Shopify Plus development agency that not only customizes pre-made themes but also keeps abreast of new trends in web development, design, and usability.

Is flat web design popular these days? Is it a minimalist or an outstanding style? Do you wonder what the current layout trend for navigational elements is? Shopify Plus web design specialists know the answers to these issues and can create the most engaging and convenient design to enhance your store’s conversion rate.

shopify plus store development

Shopify Plus Development Can Turn Your Site Into A Powerhouse For Successful Online Sales

When you employ Shopify Plus web development, you can be confident that they are well-versed in every platform aspect.

Professional Shopify Plus development agencies can transform your online business into a true powerhouse, increasing your online sales. Specifically, they can enhance the basic Shopify Plus functionality by incorporating appropriate HTML, CSS, or JS into Liquid. Here are a few examples:

  • A Shopify Plus development agency can modify your checkout to match the needs of your specialty.
  • A Shopify Plus web development agency might add an advanced searching and filtering algorithm to find things on product pages easier. This results in a higher conversion rate.
  • They also can integrate third-party systems into your store. There are numerous external services available. Would you like your customers to share product descriptions on Facebook? Not an issue. Do you need an email marketing service embedded into your website to keep your customers updated on your promotions? Easy.

Aside from that, use Shopify app development professionals to enhance your store in every manner imaginable. This service comprises, among other things, image optimization, speed improvement, and improving search engine presence. Google will be more pleased with a fast-loading online store.

You Can Have Your Hands Free to Deal With What Matters

Merchants can relieve themselves of the significant technical strain by working with a Shopify Plus development business. Process customer payments, search the web for the best items, contact customers, market your store, and take other essential steps to engage your target audience and boost your bottom line.

Meanwhile, the Shopify Plus service will ensure that your site is unique, fast, and has all the functionality your company demands. They may also rectify any mistakes you may have made. The most significant benefit is a site that performs smoothly and without errors.

If you have already understood why you should hire professionals, let’s talk about popular types of Shopify Plus services below. 

Popular Types Of Shopify Plus Development

Shopify Plus Web Design 

Set Up A New E-Commerce Store

The first and most popular service used by enterprises is setting up a new e-commerce store. Specifically, this service will help you create a new e-commerce store with Shopify Plus to get your business running and provide smooth shopping experiences.

In the long run, coding and technical knowledge are required for the Shopify Plus store development. However, not every retailer is digitally savvy or has an experienced development team. That’s why to assist merchants in overcoming these obstacles, Shopify Plus store development agencies usually offer store setup and customization services.

Some of the most common activities are creating Shopify Plus stores from scratch, designing pages (landing pages, homepages, etc.), modifying existing Shopify Plus pages, customizing Shopify Plus carts, optimizing page conversion rates, etc.

For example, BSS Commerce will help you create a new Shopify Plus store by collaborating with you to thoroughly comprehend your user experience and problem. BSS can help you supercharge your eCommerce business and boost your brand on Shopify Plus by using the expertise of their professionals.

Shopify Plus web design

Theme & Discount Customization

As mentioned above, Shopify offers a lot of themes, including both free and paid. However, your website could be like any other with a vast user base.

As a result, the theme customization service can create a bespoke responsive Shopify Plus theme that fully utilizes the Shopify Plus technology while remaining unique to your brand. Also, it is fully integrated and optimized for performance and SEO, and they use the most recent Liquid code.

Moreover, you can offer your customers a better digital experience with this service. The solution provides faultless cross-device capabilities, allowing you to provide a memorable shopping experience to customers from any location.

And yet, Shopify Plus is ideal for retailers who want to launch discount-focused advertising campaigns. You should personalize discounts in various ways with Shopify plus by hiring a Shopify Plus agency.

Shopify Plus Store Development Cost Calculator

If you want to estimate Shopify Plus store development costs, we’d be happy to help. All you have to do is fill out the form below. It only takes 2 minutes and brings you a good return!

Existing Systems Integration

Shopify Plus web development

Shopify Plus merchants can employ a variety of verified and trusted apps and integrations from the company’s extensive marketplace. Using apps from the Shopify App Store, you may extend the functionality of your online store and automate many small company tasks. 

Besides, these apps aid in providing improved customer service, marketing, and promotional programs, successfully managing B2B and B2C orders and controlling and managing colossal inventory. 

On the other hand, if you can’t find the proper app or integration for your CRM or ERP, Shopify Plus development experts can offer custom app development and integrations, giving your store new capabilities and features. In addition, they can set up your e-commerce profile on platforms such as Facebook Shop, Amazon, eBay, Buy Button, and others.

Ideally, as a certified Shopify partner, BSS Commerce can assist you in extending the potential of your Shopify Plus store by integrating third-party systems like ERP, CRM, and marketplaces. Additionally, Shopify Plus merchants may benefit from several integrations without worrying about exceeding API limits. You don’t have to be concerned about anything since BSS always tries to provide a consistent and smooth e-commerce experience for businesses and customers.

Shopify plus development

Platform Migration

Many merchants do not begin their eCommerce adventure with Shopify Plus. Perhaps they will start with Etsy, Wix, WooCommerce, etc. If a customer wants to migrate their shop data from another platform, Shopify allows them to do so. There are numerous Shopify Plus professionals and agencies who can do it professionally and quickly and provide services to migrate new clients to Shopify Plus.

If using migration applications can cause many inconveniences and risks (such as data loss, multiple steps, etc.), hiring a professional agency can save you time and ensure the process that no error occurs.

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Shopify plus service

Typical among them is BSS Commerce’s Shopify Plus migration service. In case you already have an e-commerce website on another platform that no longer fulfills your business needs, BSS can help you migrate to Shopify Plus. BSS also guarantees a smooth and secure relocation. 

Shopify Plus Store Maintenance & Optimization 

When considering the long-term qualities of a long-lasting internet store, updating and maintenance must be mentioned. Shopify Plus merchants who lack coding or technological understanding are more likely to hire a team to regularly optimize and maintain their stores.

Back-end maintenance, Shopify Plus update assistance, site security audits, and data optimization are prevalent services in this industry. 

BSS Commerce’s Shopify Plus support service is an excellent illustration of this. With dependable maintenance and Shopify plus support from skilled specialists, BSS can ensure that your e-commerce site functions smoothly.

The agency accompanies you on your entire journey with Shopify Plus maintenance service to help your store avoid difficulties and security risks, in addition to constructing your website. Meanwhile, BSS is also working hard to increase your sales through optimization.

How Much Does Shopify Plus Development Cost?

Shopify Plus development cost

There are two popular types of fees today: per project and hourly. However, more common is charging by the hour and also offering retainer contracts for businesses who frequently require them. 

In addition, there is no exact number for each type of Shopify Plus store development because it depends on the developer’s country, the difficulty of the project or the size of your business, etc. For example, outsourcing Shopify Plus development to Vietnam, in particular, is becoming increasingly popular among European online firms since it provides high-quality services at a significantly reduced cost.

So, below is just a general price for reference. It may be lower or higher depending on the case.

  • Basic Shopify Plus development: $6000 – $40000
  • Custom Shopify Plus development: $12000 – $100000
  • Shopify Plus enterprise development: $30000 – +$100000
  • Shopify Plus developer hour rates: $65 – $150 
  • Maintenance hour rates: $80 – $125 

Suppose you are interested in the factors that affect the price of a Shopify Plus web design and want to find out more, please refer to Top Shopify Development Agency & The Average Cost.

Especially as a Shopify Plus development agency in Vietnam, BSS Commerce has highly affordable prices for each project compared to developers in the UK or the US. However, this does not imply that the quality is not good. Opposite, when you work with BSS Commerce, they will assist you in meeting highly scalable requirements with real-time resource availability.

BSS Commerce - Shopify plus development agency

Furthermore, BSS Commerce has gone a long way and has served over 21,000+ clients worldwide, including B2B and B2C clients.


FAQs: Shopify Plus Development 

What Are The Most Important Things Of A Shopify Plus Development Agency?

A Shopify Plus agency will have begun as a regular Shopify developer and will only become a Shopify Plus developer after many years of experience. A developer working on stores that generate millions of dollars in sales each year must not only have the most advanced development abilities for Shopify-specific technologies but also be resilient and meticulous in testing.

BSS Commerce’s Shopify Plus developers are highly skilled engineers. They only release code that has been meticulously created and tested, and they have backups and version control in place to ensure that if something does go wrong. And they can deal with it swiftly and efficiently.

Following that, a Shopify Plus agency will also be familiar with the amount of detail required by large brands. They ensure that every pixel is immaculate and are accustomed to working with commercial clientele who expect the best.

Shopify Plus development

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Should I Hire A Professional Shopify Plus Development Agency Or Freelancers?

A professional Shopify development business, such as BSS Commerce, is superior to freelancers. Primarily your project will be overseen by a project manager from start to end. You and the agency sign a legally binding contract and an NDA. As a result, you can rest assured that your sensitive data is legally safeguarded.

BSS Commerce also has a team that thoroughly tests all Shopify projects on various physical devices. This is something that few if any, independent contractors can afford. Therefore, you receive a one-of-a-kind product of unrivaled quality.

In general, a Shopify development agency appreciates its brand and, unlike many freelancers, will not disappear abruptly.


Shopify Plus is one of the most effective eCommerce platforms for enterprises. However, it’s not perfect. Thanks to Shopify Plus web development, you can create and optimize great stores and themes to improve the customer experience.

Look for a Shopify Plus agency if you want a superb website. They will not only have web and app development knowledge and technical expertise, but they will also be Shopify Plus specialists. This work is a critical collaboration as you embark on your e-commerce career with your Shopify Plus web design.

Furthermore, working with a full-service e-commerce agency that handles everything from web design to maintenance and support can save you time and effort while allowing you to focus on establishing your brand.

I hope this post has shown you how to optimize your Shopify Plus store properly and choose the right agency.