Shopify B2B Features: Must-know for a Great Shift to eCommerce


Shopify B2B Features: Must-know for a Great Shift to eCommerce

Entering the B2B eCommerce world requires merchants to not only define business goals clearly but also understand the functionality of each platform. There’s no use cultivating your field on barren land yet hoping it thrives, right? Here we’ll show you key Shopify B2B features so you can know whether you can build a website on Shopify or not.   


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Now, let’s check aspects B2B eCommerce can benefit from Shopify community!

Shopify is a platform for eCommerce websites based on Cloud SaaS.


With this platform, users can easily create an online store full of features such as product introduction, shopping cart, payment, product management, social networking, and many more.


A prominent strength of Shopify is that it helps you get these things set up quickly.


Even those who aren’t tech-savvy and don’t have programming knowledge can launch a fundamental sales website in a short time.

After a period of targeting beginners and small-scale stores, Shopify introduced Shopify Plus in 2014 to serve a wider range of needs, including wholesalers’. Shopify Plus, including Shopify B2B features, was born as a solution to bridge the gap in eCommerce software for enterprise merchants with complex businesses.

Is Shopify Good Enough for B2B?

Frankly, if you ask this question for the previous Shopify pricing plans, we would rather say no. However, when it comes to Shopify Plus, the story is different. As mentioned above, Shopify Plus offers a wholesale channel with more Shopify B2B features, which isn’t included in other Shopify plans, to serve major B2B demands comprehensively.


So, the short answer is Yes!


Although Shopify for B2B sometimes fails to meet complicated technical requirements and can’t be as flexible and highly customizable as open-source platforms like Magento, Shopify B2B features are enough for small B2B businesses who are newcomers with short visions, a tight budget, and narrow customer network.  


Moreover, even when you find it hard to build a site as you wish with only default Shopify Plus B2B features, the wide Shopify community includes a plethora of Shopify for B2B apps to fulfill specific needs.    



The following table shows all pros and cons of the Shopify platform:




  • Hosting available;
  • Low technical requirement;
  • Personalized service that helps new Shopify B2B store owners to get started;
  • Automotive processes – Shopify Plus allows B2B businesses to make the most of their resources. Automated things on a Shopify B2B store include inventory restock, new product cataloging, and tracking buying journeys.
  • Dropshipping potentials;
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Limited scope for page building;
  • Requiring users to have URLs;
  • Customization limit.

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Glide down to see which Shopify B2B pricing plans would best fit your B2B business!

Pick A Suitable Shopify B2B Pricing Plan for Your B2B Company

Shopify offers 5 main pricing options for you to choose from based on business goals, budget, personal demands, and more. Overall, these work best with small-medium companies with basic technical setup needs and limited time-to-market. 

Dig Deeper Into Shopify Plus B2B Features 

Are you still confused about which Shopify B2B pricing plan to choose for your B2B website? Don’t worry! We’ll figure it out together. 


If you have a tight budget and want to open an online store with essential B2B capabilities, you can select Basic Shopify, Shopify, or Advanced Shopify for saving costs. To be honest, default Shopify doesn’t cover any B2B features because it didn’t target large enterprises at first. 


However, it’s easy for merchants to find and install tons of Shopify B2B apps available on the market. These tools will support your site to perform well as a wholesale eCommerce store and facilitate B2B buying journeys. 

Meanwhile, if you have many more sophisticated business requirements and are in a stable financial status, consider Shopify Plus. It offers a wide range of B2B features that embrace primary corporate customer demands on an eCommerce platform.

 Let’s check Shopify Plus B2B features highlights immediately!

Wholesale Channel

Customized pricing

Wholesale settings

  • Apply discounts on the entire store/ across collections;
  • Set fixed (flat) prices for products/ variants in price lists;
  • Tailor different prices to different customers;
  • Set volume-based pricing rules for products/ variants.
  • Price lists: Review & change any price list;
  • Customers: Review every customer account;
  • Navigation settings: Enable/ disable buyers to filter products by vendor/ product type & browse items by collection; or decide how products are ordered on a page & what products are featured on the home page;
  • Page settings: Create header & footer content;
  • Appearance settings: The logo in the header, the accent color, the background image on the login and password reset pages;
  • Notification settings: Configure the notifications sent to your B2B customers;
  • Preferences settings: The email address; retail prices shown as comparison prices; minimum order amount; draft orders for out-of-stock products; a wholesale account sign-up permission; and so on;
  • Tax exemptions: Prevent taxes from being charged to customers;
  • Supported languages: Brazilian Portuguese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Polish.

Price lists

  • Override original prices in your storefront with custom prices;
  • Contain information related to products & prices that you want to offer, and a customer tag to connect your customers to the price list.

Order processing

  • Send an invoice to be paid using the payment provider;
  • Deliver a customized invoice email that allows the invoice to be paid using a different payment method;
  • Accept payment by credit card or mark the invoice as paid as you receive payment.

Wholesale customers

  • Store owners can:
  • Set a minimum order amount;
  • Search wholesale prices;
  • Invite customers to your B2B store.

Wholesale orders

  • Use purchase orders or pay in the store;
  • Submit draft orders for review;
  • Set a shipping rate for your B2B customers.

Besides the Shopify wholesale channel, there are some other features that streamline the online purchase flow of B2B businesses. 


Customer Experience

  • Shopify Flow: Tailor the landing page to returning customers by displaying their interested products;
  • Launchpad: Schedule sale events, introduce new products, and automate theme changes;
  • Avalara AvaTax: Present real-time tax calculations during the checkout and save all sales tax records.
  • Bulk Account Inviter: Let everyone in your email network know about your site;
  • Scripts: Allow you to develop personalized shipping rates for customers;
  • Shop Pay: Boost checkouts four times faster than normal;
  • Global Exchange: Accept international currencies;
  • Checkout Customization Options: Build a customized checkout experience to suit your brand better.

Customer Support

  • Dedicated Launch Engineer: Be responsible for getting your business up and running;
  • Dedicated Migration: Migrate to Shopify Plus from other B2B e-commerce platforms.

EXPLORE BigCommerce B2B Features NOW to know the differences of these “giant’ platforms and make smarter decisions. 

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In brief, Shopify is a powerful platform for B2B newcomers. Owning a huge community and app providers, Shopify serves small B2B website development well.


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