PWA Pros and Cons: The battle of PWA Studio, Vue Storefront and ScandiPWA

When customers always want to have a smooth and convenient experience during the time they are surfing on the internet, PWA is one of the perfect technologies. So which are the PWA pros and cons? The name of which PWA solutions is suitable for your business to catch up with the dynamic technological world? Scroll down to find out the answers in our freebie.


Progressive Web App (PWA) has demonstrated its influence in the eCommerce market by offering superior functionalities compared to responsive web pages or native applications. Taking advantage of this trend, numerous online businesses have transformed their websites into PWA storefronts in different ways. 

To have a big picture on why PWA is the future for eCommerce websites, below is the comparison table between PWA vs Native apps vs Responsive websites:

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As the PWA advantages are undeniable, technology providers have surged to develop their solutions to serve the exponentially growing needs of merchants. As a result, we now have three hottest names for their excellent PWA solutions and their application for Magento websites: PWA Studio, Vue Storefront, and Scandi PWA. 

  • The Magento PWA Studio is a set of developer tools and libraries that enable you to develop, implement, and maintain a PWA storefront on top of a Magento 2 backend. It is ready-to-use tools to create a build system and framework, which adheres to the Magento principle of extensibility.
  • Vue Storefront is a stand-alone frontend solution written on top of the Vue.js framework that is used to program eCommerce PWA projects. Vue Storefront may be used to develop a PWA interface for Magento (Vue Storefront with Magento 2), Spotify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and other platforms because it operates independently and does not rely on any backend platform.
  • ScandiPWA is the first Open Source PWA theme for Magento that has the largest amount of Magento features and constantly updates with new versions. It allows us to build websites on top of it as merchants don’t have to download any GIT source code or modify source code. The migration process is less complex thanks to the features supported and the absence of middleware. 

Even though these solutions are ready-made themes, they still encounter some extended drawbacks. It is hard to have a one-size-fits-all solution for all merchants in the eCommerce world. Therefore, we have come up with an in-depth comparison of PWA pros and cons from basic to comprehensive technical facts and statistics to give you an extensive view on which solutions will be your best fit. 

General Comparison

General Information

We have provided all of the general information for 3 solutions to give you a better idea of their development and achievements up to date.

PWA Studio Vue Storefront Scandi PWA
Provider Adobe Magento Vue Storefront Scandiweb
Started June 2018 November 2017 September 2018
Frontend Demo
Latest version 11.0.0 1.12.3 5.0.6
Number of Releases 17 51 102
Github Stars / Forks 843 / 313 8.9k / 1.9k 415 / 236
Contributors 162 269 83
Open Source Yes Yes Yes
Project Live by Builtwith

– Backend

– Top 1m

– Top 100k

– Top 10k

324 live websites 

Magento 2




836 live websites

Magento, Shopify,  Shopware




236 live websites

Magento 2




Project Stats Undefined

500+ live projects. 80 showcases

57+ live projects

57 showcases

Headless Yes Yes Yes
Support Magento 2 Magento 1 + 2, Shopify, Shopware Magento 2, Shopify
i18n (localization) Yes Yes Yes
Multi Websites / Multiple Stores Yes (most stable) Yes (beta) Yes (errors remaining)
CMS M2 CMS API / Page Builder M2 CMS API  Full Support
Search ElasticSearch ElasticSearch ElasticSearch/MySql
Payments Braintree Paypal, Stripe, Klarna, Mollie, Adyen,, Braintree, G Pay, Apple Pay Paypal, Klarna, Braintree, Stripe
Analytics / Tracking Google Tag Manager Vue Analytics

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager
Offline Support Yes Yes Yes

Comparing the community of all 3 solutions by Github Stars, Forks, and Contributors factors, we can see that Vue Storefront has the highest number of people who upvoted the solution on Github (10x higher than PWA Studio and 20x higher than ScandiPWA). Moreover, Vue Storefront also has the largest contributor community, in which users can be assured that there is a huge pool of knowledge and tutorials shared by experienced developers. 

On the other hand, Magento PWA Studio has higher ranking websites compared to the other 2 solutions. Specifically, PWA Studio acquired 16 websites in the top 100K and 3 in the top 10K global websites while its developed websites are almost one-third of Vue Storefront projects. This indicates the significance of Magento PWA Studio quality. 

Additionally, if you are looking for a solution to adapt your emerging scalability that can manage multiple store views under one roof, PWA Studio is the most stable solution as Vue Storefront is in beta version and this feature in ScandiPWA remains many errors. 

Featured Websites

Let’s have a look at these 3 solutions’ successful projects, which have illustrated each solution’s optimal features that contributed to the business’s performance. Most High to Very High traffic websites are using Magento PWA Studio and Vue Storefront solutions, however, companies using ScandiPWA are achieving an enormous volume of sales revenue.


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Tech Stack Comparision

Based on 9+ years of experience, we have evaluated the tech stack of all 3 solutions to compare the difficulty level for PWA website development. Each solution has its PWA pros and cons so you can consider each factor to suit your specifications. 

We have come up with our evaluation on the degree of development and deployment of each solution, which illustrates that Magento PWA Studio is the easiest solution so far thanks to its tech stacks. 

Furthermore, we continue to explore the adaptability of these solutions to high traffic and their current issues to assess their Extensible Architecture level, known as their capability for expanded development/customization. In this assessment, Vue Storefront is the winner because it has the minimum number of existing issues, which allows developers to expand the capabilities in PWA development.



So in this article, we have provided you plentiful information about PWA pros and cons; general, tech stack and featured websites comparison between PWA vs Vue Storefront vs Scandi PWA. We aim to provide a better picture of each solution so you can choose which one suits you best.

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