Export Catalog Product With Custom Attributes In Magento 2

magento 2 export product attributes

Export Catalog Product With Custom Attributes In Magento 2

Is the Magento 2 export product attributes a default feature? – Yes, it is!

Since Magento 2 was built for the large and even massive quantity of selling products, it does support the needs of product management of an online store by the act of import/export product attributes.

In this tutorial video, viewers get to know how to export custom product attributes in downloaded .csv catalog product file just by this quick operation in the Admin Panel.

If the video is not enough, you can read in written lines the upcoming parts: default Magento 2 export products attributes, the drawback of Magento export product custom attributes, and how to get custom attributes in separate columns when implementing Magento 2 export products.

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Default Magento 2 Export Products Attributes

As we mentioned before, you can export product attributes in default Magento by following a few steps below.

First, at the backend, please go to System ⇒ Export to start Magento export product data in Admin Panel.

Export Custom Product Attributes magento 2
System > Export

In Entity Type, choose Product to start setting up the data you need for the exported file.


In the Entity Attributes, you will find all available product attributes for exporting. By default, Magento 2 exports product attributes with all of these here. However, you can exclude unnecessary attributes or set a filter for them.

Custom-Product-Attribute-export-for-Magento 2-overview-2

In the final step, you just need to scroll down the attribute list and click Continue for the CSV file download popup to appear.


Drawback of Default Exporting Custom Product Attributes

After exporting product attributes with the default Magento 2 tool, the exported CSV includes all selected products attributes in neat columns as below:

magento 2 export product attributes csv sample
Magento 2 export attributes CSV sample

However, the problem is that in the file, only the default attributes of Magento have an individual column for each of them.

In the case of custom attributes created by admins, all of them will be shown in one column named “additional_attributes” and get separated by a comma.

magento 2 export product attributes csv additional attributes
.csv additional attributes

Separate custom attributes into individual columns

To export a Magento product attribute file that separates your custom attributes into individual columns, you will need a third-party plugin.

And hereby we want to introduce you to the best solution – Magento 2 Custom Product Attribute Export by BSS.

This module is completely free and it can help store owners overcome the default drawback by just a few simple steps at the backend.

DOWNLOAD Magento 2 Export Custom Attribute module for FREE to arrange custom attributes in separate columns!

Following the instruction below to export Magento 2 custom product attributes:

After installing the extension, go to Store ⇒ Configuration ⇒  BSS Extension ⇒ Product Export Column, you will see two configs:

magento 2 export product attributes backend

In Allowed Attributes, a list of all custom attributes will be shown. Admins can choose all or specific attributes that will be in separate columns while exporting products.

For example, in the above settings, the admin chooses “height,” “sw_featured,” “volts.” Hence, the exported product attributes file will have each of these in different columns.

magento 2 export product attributes frontend

Moreover, to perform Magento 2 export product attributes quickly, this Magento 2 Import Export Product Attributes extension is an ideal solution to overcome the drawback of the default.

  • Import product attributes via a CSV file
  • Import associated information of multiple products attributes into a website
  • Implement Magento 2 export attributes promptly within 1 click
  • Support multiple store views

GET READY TO INSTALL Magento 2 Import Export Product Attribute extension to free yourself from manual tasks!

More thoughts

With the FREE Custom Product Attribute Export for Magento 2, we hope to bring Magento 2 admin an effective solution in exporting custom product attributes without changing the core code. 

We will continue our series for more Magento tips and recommendations so don’t forget to visit us often or subscribe to our newsletter. If you have any questions regarding Magento or suggest a new topic, we are thrilled to have your thoughts in the comment section.

Here are some Magento 2 import export extensions that may be helpful for you:

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