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Magento 2 Checkout Process – Easy Optimization Steps

If you’re here reading these words, it means you’re seeking information about Magento 2 checkout process. Yes, it’s complex and troublesome to build and generate. But things are going to change after you read this article.


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Firstly, you should know that the Magento 2 checkout page has to load more JavaScript code than any other page. For that reason, this is the most complicated and yet important page to convert customers. If you don’t pay attention to checkout optimization, you’re at risk of losing high potential customers as they get bored and leave during the checkout.

Magento 1 & Magento 2 Checkout Process: The Differences

What’s new in Magento 2 checkout flow compared to Magento 1? Of course, the new one comes with upgrades and improvements. The most significant change is the shorten from six to two steps in the checkout.

Magento 1 (M1):


Magento 2 (M2):



Another updated feature for Magento 2 checkout process is to automatically look for existing customers with their registered information. Also, the improvement made in the order process and the application of common payment gateways result in an increase of 38% in terms of checkout speed.

Additionally, the record shows that there is about 250,000 orders/hour can be handled thanks to the up-to-date technology stack in Magento 2 checkout customization. This number has increased by 117% compared to the capacity to process orders of M1. The new version can also process 2 million catalog views/hour.

Overall, with the new updates, Magento 2 checkout process is now simpler, faster, and more user-friendly than before. This positive change leads to the reduction of cart abandonment rate as well as grants you access to more helpful modern features, such as:

  • Elimination of outdated PHP versions
  • Strengthen SEO capabilities
  • Extend search capabilities
  • Varied payment gateway features

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Steps to Customize Magento 2 Checkout Process 

The checkout procedure in Magento 2 has been changed to make it faster and easier. The Checkout page guides the customer through the checkout process in two simple steps. Customers who are logged into their accounts can complete the checkout process fast because much of the information they need is already stored in their accounts.

The customer completes the shipping address information and selects the shipment method in the first step of the checkout process. The customer selects a payment option and applies any coupons to finish the transaction in the second step.

There are many checkout Magento 2 extensions on the market that you can consider to enhance your checkout process. However, if your plan is to do it manually by yourself, consider the suggested customizations below. We’ve selected some names that would create quite an effect on both the website and customer experience.


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Add a new checkout step

Originally, the default Magento 2 checkout process includes two steps:

  • Shipping Information
  • Review and Payment Information

You can add a custom step; note that it should be implemented as a UI component. The customizations should be happening in a separate module to ensure the page’s compatibility, upgradability, and maintenance.

The steps to add a new checkout step should be the following:

  1. Create the view part of the checkout step component.
  2. Add your step to the Checkout page layout.
  3. Create mixins for payment and shipping steps (optional).

Add custom shipping carrier

Additional shipping carriers can do wonders for your website since it provides customers with varied options. Make sure you choose the companies with a good reputation because shipment is the final but important step. This is where you leave the last impression of the purchase on your customers.

There are four steps to follow on adding a new shipping carrier to your Magento 2 checkout process:

  1. Create a new module
  2. Add the carrier configuration
  3. Create the carrier model
  4. Enable the module

The backend setting after you’ve successfully added a new shipping carrier will appear with this new customization:

Magento2 -checkout-customization-add-carrier


On the frontend, the checkout is shown as below:


Add custom shipping carrier validations

You’ve added a custom shipping carrier to vary your user’s choices, and that’s enough? Not yet. With the new update, Magento 2 allows you to add shipping address validations for the custom carrier in the checkout. This is where you perfect the previous task of adding a new carrier and earn customer satisfaction.

Follow these steps to add new shipping carrier validations to your Magento 2 checkout process and access it on the client’s site:

  1. Create validation rules.
  2. Create validator.
  3. Register validators and rules in the validators pool.
  4. Add the validators and rules to the checkout layout.

After finishing, remember to deploy static content and clear the cache for better performance.

Add custom input mask for ZIP code

M2 checkout zip code

This action is performed by the developer in the backend to add a custom input mask in Magento 2 checkout process.

Specifically, when a user fills in the country and ZIP code, the system checks to make sure the format of the entered code is valid for that specific country. This validation runs on the input masks for the ZIP code field. These is the regular expressions to define the allowed format.

With the customization, you can either add a new input mask, modify default values in the existing mask, or remove a mask.

Add a new field in the address form

Want to add a new field in the address form? Magento 2 has provided this feature; Besides the default forms, you can add other forms which are generated dynamically. 

The process includes five steps as follow:

  1. Add the field to the layout.
  2. Add a JS mixin to modify data submission.
  3. Load your mixin.
  4. Add the field to address the model.
  5. Access the value of the custom field on the server-side.

Similar to when you add custom shipping carrier validations, at the final step, you need to compile the code, deploy static content, and then clear the cache. This CLI commands make sure the newly added forms run smoothly.

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Tips For Magento 2 Checkout Process Optimization


Do you have a Magento 2 store with a low conversion rate? If you answered yes, you are not alone.

The global cart abandonment rate for E-commerce is around 70%, according to figures. There are a variety of reasons why customers opt not to purchase your products after adding them to their shopping carts.

One important reason is the issue of trust. Your customers are more likely to abandon their carts if your website lacks trust or if your company’s service provides a terrible customer experience.

Besides the recommended customizations, you can also consider customizing other factors to bring the best user checkout experience. The logic is based on users’ views: what will satisfy them (speed, simplicity, service, etc.), why should they do that (fill in certain information). After all, e-commerce is all about service and how to use service to achieve the highest customer satisfaction.

We’ve gathered here some most-used tips to optimize Magento 2 checkout process. Check it out and define what’s necessary for your site.

Simplify the checkout process


According to a survey, more than 60% of the users who abandon their carts say that they left either because the checkout process was too long and complicated or they had to create an account. It’s common sense since no one likes to deal with complicated stuff, especially when it’s the first time and they’re not sure whether it’s worth coming back.

The solution to this issue is not as easy as it sounds: simplify your checkout process, remove the unnecessary fields, and make the remaining fields explicit. Sometimes it comes with the price that you cannot provide users as many checkout options as you want.

However, too much is not always good. By cutting off the options, you can avoid confusing customers as well as boost website speed.

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Make checkout mobile-friendly


A survey from Statista shows that in 2021, 72.9 percent of all retail e-commerce is expected to be generated via m-commerce (mobile-commerce). This means most of your customers are interacting with your e-commerce store on their mobile devices. If your goal is to bring the best customer satisfaction, you cannot skip improving their experience on mobile phones.

The thing is that the default Magento 2 checkout process is designed to work well on large screen devices (desktop, laptop, tablet) but not small screen devices. Hence, it may take special efforts to make your site can serve your mobile users.

Explain why you ask your customers to fill in sensitive fields

Of course, you only require the necessary information to complete a shipment. However, to some people, that information can be private or sensitive. By answering why they need to provide that information, you can build trust as well as avoid losing customers because they don’t want to reveal their privacy.


Always use a secure connection for customer data

With the growth of technology, people are more and more aware of their online privacy. No one wants their information to be leaked and be used for other purposes. If you cannot prove that your site is safe and secure enough, your customers are likely to pull away.


Magento 2 checkout A/B Testing

After making certain changes, you need to test their performance instead of assuming they’ll be effective. The recommended method is to use A/B testing. 

This test will divide your website visitors randomly into A & B segments. One segment sees no change, and the other will experience the new changes. After a certain period, we will evaluate the result of each segment and see whether the changes are positive. 


A/B testing works well for the following cases:

  • Magento Guest checkout vs. Member checkout
  • Trust and security signs
  • Remove any point of friction along the checkout way
  • One-step vs. Multi-page checkout
  • Calls To Action

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Magento 2 checkout process has been updated with many customization options for you to upgrade your site. This is where your customers finish their purchase but also where they start to gain trust with your brand. If you can satisfy your customers with your product to make the checkout and also fulfill their expectations in the final step, that’s a success.

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