How To Customize Design Of The Quick Order For Magento 2

In this article, we will show you how to customize the design of the quick order for Magento 2 to match your brand.

Wholesales customers are considered the crucial consumers of eCommerce stores, especially for B2B businesses.

And in return, wholesale customers love online shopping more and more. 

Instead of spending time going to a brick-and-mortar shop and waiting for a long checkout line in a traditional way, customers can stay at home and choose and buy their preferred products online.

However, if you are doing business on the Magento platform, you should know that customers can encounter some issues in purchasing in bulk on a Magento website.

They must go through many steps during their shopping journey to complete their purchase. For each product, they have to search, select, and add to the cart. And because wholesale customers need to deal with a massive quantity of products at once, this process is very time-consuming.

Quick Order for Magento 2 appears as an effective solution. This feature allows wholesale customers to add products in bulk with just a few clicks. It enhances the shopping process by allowing customers to place their orders on the quick order page.

But why should you customize the design of the quick order form and how to do it?

Let’s find out!

Why The Quick Order For Magento Is An Effective Solution?


First of all, let’s talk about why the quick order extension is such an effective solution.

As we mentioned above, quick order extension makes customers more satisfied by helping them to reduce the time to order in bulk and avoid making mistakes during the shopping trip.

Thanks to this function, store owners can increase the conversion rate and decrease the cart abandonment rate.

Reduce time to order in bulk

The quick order form supports customers to search, select and purchase easier.

Customers can search by typing the name or SKU of the product, and a list of suggested products appears with its full name, picture, and SKU. Then they can select it via one click, choose attributes of products (size, color, quantity, etc.) and add it to the cart or go to checkout instantly.

Quick order keeps customers stay on one page during their whole shopping trip. They don’t have to navigate to multiple product pages to select product attributes.

With the default Magento 2, it can take wholesale customers 10-20 minutes to make orders in bulk. It wastes so much of their time. But with the fast order page, wholesale customers can easily order in bulk with some simple clicks.

Avoid making mistakes in purchasing

Wholesales customers have to frequently purchase a certain amount of products in each order. If they have to search for each product to add to the cart, they can make mistakes easily. 

With the help of the quick order feature, customers can quickly create an order by entering multiple SKUs or uploading a CSV file.

By uploading the CSV file with full detail of products, customers can purchase quickly. Entering multiple SKUs is another way. This is a very advantageous feature for customers who have prepared the SKU list for bulk purchase. It only takes them two steps to make an order instead of searching and selecting each type of product.

Why should you match the Quick Order page with the brand’s theme?

We have made it clear that quick order for Magento 2 is an indispensable feature. But just including it isn’t enough. It’s vital for store owners to make it look professional.

Online businesses have to select the theme that is suitable for their slogan or their trend of business when they set up their store. They design their website with primary color to make it look more lively and professional.

Nowadays, a million eCommerce websites have up-to-date designs. If you don’t concentrate on building your website with a beautiful visual, it will become old-fashioned and boring compared to other websites.

The Quick Order page is a part of your online store, and it’s an important part. So you need to make the consistency between the quick order page with other pages of your website.

How To Customize Design Of The Quick Order For Magento 2

BSS understands the necessity of a highly customizable design, so we have developed a fast order extension with the functionality to allow the admin to customize the design of the quick order page easily.


After installing the Magento 2 Quick Order extension by BSS, in the backend, go to Stores > Configuration > BSS Commerce > Fast Order.

In the General configs section, scroll down to the field Main Color


In Main Color, you can select the color of the header and buttons on the quick order page that fits the design of the whole website.

And that’s it! You are done.

You can check the result on the front end.

More Highlight Features Of BSS Magento Quick Order 

Not only does it support you to customize the design of the quick order page, but the BSS Magento Quick Order extension also provides many advanced features to enhance the shopping experience in your online store.

Allows searching for names/SKUs or uploading CSV file


This extension allows your customers to order multiple products quickly without visiting multiple product pages.

With BSS Magento 2 Quick Order, customers can order by entering products’ names/SKUs in the quick order form or uploading a CSV file.

In the quick order form, customers can even add multiple products at once by entering multiple SKUs.

This extension supports AJAX and Elasticsearch to help customers go through the search process faster. And it auto-suggests results according to keyword and auto-selects when there is only one result matched.

Another amazing feature is that customers can bulk order by uploading a CSV file.

Wholesaler customers usually prepare an order sheet including the information of the products they want to purchase (names, SKUs, quantity, etc.)

The Quick Order extension by BSS allows customers to download the sample CSV file to input the SKUs and quantities of the products they desire. Then they can upload their CSV file to the quick order form to add all products to their cart.

Provides two quick order form templates 


We are confident to say that this is the unique feature that only BSS Magento 2 Quick Order extension can provide.

This extension provides two different templates of the quick order form:

  • Template 1: Each line of the quick order form has a search box so customers can search for products 
  • Template 2: Only one search box outside the quick order form to search for the whole form

Both of those templates are designed to optimize the B2B shopping experience.

Preload a list of best-sellers or frequently ordered products based on customers’ account


B2B customers repeat their purchases in a monthly or quarterly period.

Understanding this behavior, the Quick Order extension has the feature of preloading best-seller or frequently ordered products in the quick order form to help save the searching time of B2 customers.

Offer Mini fast order feature


Mini Fast Order feature allows your customers to quickly add products to order on the main page of your website.

It enables a mini quick order form on the main page. When customers click on the “Fast Order” button in the menu header, this mini quick order form will appear on the top right of the website.

It allows customers to add products to the cart without redirecting to the quick order page.

Compared to the normal quick order form, the Mini Fast Order has the same features, except uploading multiple SKUs and ordering in bulk via CSV file.

Full list of features:

  • Allow customers to quickly order by SKU or product names in a form
  • Order in bulk multiple products via a CSV file
  • Pre-fill bestsellers or frequently bought products in the fast order form
  • Select all product options in a smart popup
  • Display a sticky Mini Quick Order to purchase products faster on any page
  • Work with every Magento 2 product type
  • Well responsive on various devices
  • Compatible with Request for Quote and Configurable Grid Table View
  • Compatible with Porto theme & the Fastest and Infinit of Codazon

Also, the auto invoice is one of the essential features regarding quick orders. Thus, consider how to create Magento 2 auto invoice.


The extension is a useful tool that concentrates the efficiency and convenience of making orders for wholesale customers. This extension gradually becomes an indispensable tool for all eCommerce stores specializing in B2B.

Building a Quick Order page compatible with your brand’s theme makes your website consistent. 

We hope this blog is helpful and good luck to you!

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