Create Magento 2 Auto Invoice for Quick Order Processing

Create Auto Invoice in Magento 2 for Quick Order Processing copy

Create Magento 2 Auto Invoice for Quick Order Processing

Invoice is an essential thing that cannot be forgotten after an order is submitted. As a store owner, you should make sure that invoices are sent to your customers on time so that they can assure about their purchase and confirm their order information.


Invoice is usually created after the store owner receives payment. If customers use a payment method that has been integrated into Magento 2 system, the status of the order will be Processing, and an invoice will be created automatically. If customers use a payment method such as Check/Money order, the status of the order is Pending, and the invoice has not been created. In this case, the admin must create invoices manually in Magento 2 system.

How to manually create an invoice in Magento 2

To Magento create an invoice, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to Sale –> Orders 

Here, you can see a list of orders that have been made through your site. Select an order and click toView in the column Action:

magento create invoice

Step 2:  In the order view, click the Invoice button at the right top corner to Magento create invoice for this order.

magento create invoice-generate invoice

You will see the detailed information of the order: Order & Account Information, Address Information, Payment & Shipping Method, Items to Invoice, and Order Total.

Step 3: After checking the information, click the Submit Invoice button at the bottom right corner of the invoice.

magento create invoice-submit invoice

The order is now considered as ‘paid’ and ready to ship. Then click Ship link at the top of the order view to generate shipment.

When is the auto invoice needed?

Firstly, you can see that the process of creating an invoice in Magento 2 is quite simple; however, when there are a large number of orders to handle, it is time-consuming to create manually. Moreover, it is easy to make mistakes when creating manually, which can lead to the wrong impression from customers and a bad impact on your business.


So, an auto invoice is a powerful tool to avoid this risk and helps admin get quick order processing.


Secondly, as mentioned above, invoices are created only when the payment is completed. With some payment methods, payment cannot be automatically updated in the system, so invoices are not automatically created as well.


However, if store owners know by certain that these orders will be paid, they may want to create Magento invoice and send it to customers in advance. The sooner invoice is sent to customers; the more trust store owner can gain from them. In this case, it is necessary to have an extension that allows creating an auto invoice and send email to customers with a certain number of payment methods.

How to create Magento 2 auto invoice?

Unfortunately, Magento 2 default doesn’t allow you to create an invoice automatically. Instead, you can install an extension to help you deal with this problem. Let take Auto Invoice for Magento 2 Extension by BSSCommerce as a prime example. With this extension, you can optimize the order processing with Magento 2 auto invoice and auto shipment generations as well as auto emails sent to customers. You can use freely to select which payment methods you want to apply this auto-generation. 

Magento Auto Invoice for Magento 2 Extension

Give a moment to explore  Magento 2 Auto Invoice Extension and experience what is rapid order processing!


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  • Jonathan Luis

    I am building my website and having a hard time processing order because I have to manual generate invoice and shipment after each customer order has completed. This cause to slow down order process and reduce customer satisfaction. But luckily I try installing this extension and every step of order processing is automatically done. My work is lower by half and there are no complaints from customer. Thank you very much.