Top 6 Best Email Marketing Services for Your Business

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Top 6 Best Email Marketing Services for Your Business

“Email is the king of the marketing world”. 

Email marketing is the best way to connect with your visitors, a quick way to engage with your leads and nurture them into loyal customers. It also gives you the highest return on investment (ROI) among marketing channels – an impressive 4,400% ROI.  

But firstly, to deliver a successful Email Marketing campaign, the most important for your business is to use the best email marketing service that has all the features you need.

Nowadays, most email marketing services will have similar features. That is why we have no reason to feel overwhelmed. In this article, we will help you find the best email marketing tools and review email marketing services for your situation.

1. Moosend

Moosend, one of the most powerful email marketing platforms globally, offers the best marketing services for any business. Its platform contains the best-of-all-time features, the most modern automation.

With Moosend, you can easily manage email marketing campaigns, as well as design and send outstanding newsletters to attract your customers. Besides, you will have a chance to save time due to the free access to a huge collection of pre-designed templates.


More than anything else, Moosend gives prominence to trust. The company believes that trust is the key to success. Using Moosend services, customers will be guaranteed to secure their data, which will be stored safely within the EU.

In terms of the price, Moosend offers 3 packages: Free, Pro, and Enterprise, among which Pro is the most common, and Enterprise is a full-service package. If you choose annual plans, you can get a more preferential price of $8/month (Pro package).

Also, Moosend does have a free trial for its services.


From a small startup in 2011, Moosend has grown and served thousands of customers globally. And the majority were fully satisfied with their services.

Review of Moosend email marketing services below:


  • Affordable price
  • Free access to pre-design templates collection
  • Data security guarantee
  • Easy-to-use email marketing platform with drag & drop editor
  • Highest converting automation workflows to onboard users, avoid abandoned cart, lead scoring, send offer automatically
  • Easy to keep track of customers’ activities with behaviors analysis
  • Fancy landing page builder & subscription forms to collect customers’ database
  • No need for designing experts with fantastic tools to create the most beautiful landing pages


  • Spam appeared sometimes
  • Lack of a few integrations, for example, popular SaaS
  • UI needs to be upgraded
  • Limitation of free access to pre-made templates

2. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the largest leaders in email marketing services.  It is also the most friendly email marketing service for beginners. You can easily schedule your email lists, contacts, email templates, the marketing calendar, and more to send to your contacts.

Once you’ve registered your accounts, you can customize messages with the easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder from more than 100 of their pre-built and mobile-optimized templates. 


In addition, email automation is a key benefit of Constant Contact (welcome messages for new subscribers, email campaigns, email to celebrate specific events..)

In addition, Constant Contact gives you access to track the results of your campaigns in real-time.

What makes it more special is it has niche features such as event management which can support the hardy or specific business. Some of the powerful features like email automation, surveys & polls, coupons offers, surveys, online donations, and subject line A/B testing let you execute very specific types of campaigns.

Besides that, they have 60 days free trial, and the cost of email marketing service starts as low as $20/month.


Review of email marketing services Constant Contact :


  • Great email tools, great templates, interesting features such as event management
  • Easy gathering of contacts: users can easily import contacts from email platforms such as Outlook and Gmail
  • Deliverability rate: they have consistently performed well in our deliverability rate


  • The very poor price-performance ratio in the comparison between the other tools
  •  Expensive
  • They offer basic automation, we need some other sophisticated and flexible workflow tools
  • Database management is a problem for unsubscribed members without apparent reason

3. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is the best email marketing service platform today. It spreads out over 175 countries with various ad tools, and their best email marketing services have over 300 integrations that will help you match their tool to your business.

Since BSS Commerce uses it, we know it is effective to grow and stick with your customer’s database. Best of all, Mailchimp has added landing pages, many of the advanced features and a forever free email marketing service plan.


This free plan allows you to send 12,000 emails to up to 2,000 subscribers. With Mailchimp, you can easily integrate with WordPress, Magento, Shopify, and many other platforms. It also helps you to set up segmenting contacts into groups and delivery time based on the user’s timezone. However, if you sign in for the free plan, you won’t get features like send-time optimization, advanced segmentation, multivariate testing, etc.

While Mailchimp comes with easy tracking for analytics, live chat, a large tutorial knowledge-base, when it comes to marketing automation features, Mailchimp is quite limited functions. And also their support is often slow and no match to the quality of service.

Review of email marketing services Mailchimp below:


  • Easy to use and customize email templates as you want: drag-n-drop editor, code your own, import HTML
  • Mobile-friendly email templates: much more efficient than hand-coding when you send common emails to clients and devices
  • Built with eCommerce opt-in automation ideals
  • High deliverability rate and options
  • A/B testing of emails, subject line research tool -best on large audience lists
  • Be easy to understand and operate
  • Integrate with a ton of email marketing, as well as eCommerce platforms


  • The list segmentation is pretty basic. Even we do not want to spam our customers then we get the Premium plan, we do not completely satisfy with the segmentation
  • In a comparison of email marketing services, Sign-up forms are not as attractive as those of Hubspot or ConvertKit
  • Following the best practices might make your account get suspended or canceled

Mailchimp pricing starts at $9.99 per month and does offer a free version and free trial.

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4. HubSpot

Hubspot is the leader in marketing automation and delivers solid email marketing capabilities. Hubspot offers a nice mix of workflow features with a wide range of tools that allows you to quickly and easily create, personalize, and optimize your emails without the need for designers or IT.

You can easily customize your layout, personalize your emails to boost your open rates and click-through rates with ease.

The HubSpot email tool is free for up to 2,000 email sends per month, with upgrade solutions starting at $50/month.


Review of email marketing services HubSpot below:


  • Easy to use: HubSpot is a beautifully designed product with no code required for the business owner. They give complexity of marketing software which helps in generating leads and easy to integrate.
  • 7-day free trial and flexible pricing: While most of the marketing automation requires a high setup fee, no trials, and long contracts, they are one of the only tools that have a free version. They give us a chance to use a free trial with the Chrome addon to track email opens.
  • Educating their users: Their blog is an outstanding place for invitation business owners to learn more about online/email marketing. This is a helpful aspect of Hubspot because they are investing in educating their customers.
  • ALL tools in one place: With everything in one place such as powerful content, feature-rich system, convenient Lps tools, great job on social media, CRM, and sales functionally to gave a deep reach into business workflows.


  •  Free a 12-month contract: marketing automation is a tool you’re likely to use for many years. Hubspot has billed annually by default depending on your plan. The plan starts at $200/month or $600 for a basic onboarding fee to the pro plan $3000. The highest plan costs $5000. It would be perfect to have a month-on-month contract. However, the boarding fee platform can work with a certified Hubspot agency partner.
  • No A/B testing in their basic and Pro package: if you want A/B testing for optimizing email campaigns and for landing pages, Hubspot only available to the Enterprise subscription plan ($2,400/month). In comparison to email marketing services like Mailchimp, which includes A/B testing features start at $10/month and landing pages apps cost from $49-$199/month.
  • Training fee: new customers are required to pay a minimum of $600 to $5000, depending on their plan. It might be an issue for companies with limited marketing and sale budgets.
  • NO free technical: you have to pay for ongoing technical support.
  • Most tools offered by Hubspot are free anywhere: we can find the other tools which are the same as these Hubspot tools for free or cheaper.

5. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is an easy-to-use email and SMS marketing service designed with simplicity in mind. This marketing software platform lets you send up to 30 million automated emails and text messages per day, but all your emails will have their branding. 

On top of the email, they also have a lot of excellent tools to create beautiful and highly engaging emails such as simple drag and drop tools for beginners who have no experience in this field. With a forms tool that lets you correct new leads, send transactional emails, create workflows, and segment users into specifics lists, enter into email nurturing campaigns.


If you want to build an email nurturing campaign? No problem.

Sendinblue will give you access to some pre-made automation campaigns which drive to specific goals you might have. You can always run a campaign from scratch to meet your specific business needs.

Another benefit of Sendinblue is pricing, it is an email marketing solution for those businesses on a low budget. A free plan comes with $0 for 300 emails per day and unlimited contacts.

Reviews of email marketing services Sendinblue :

Pros : 

  • Simple users interface
  • Easy to format and get emails looking nice in all email clients
  • Adding unsubscribe feature to emails is quick and painless
  • Scheduled emails easily and very reliable
  • SMS campaigns
  • Responsive design templates are available
  • Transactional and autoresponder email options
  • A free plan offers


  • Templates are limited
  • Account set-up can be confusing
  • No phone support: Not having an iPhone app to see reports and handle at least the basic operations.
  • Integrations are limited but sometimes landing pages get a lot of trouble.

SendinBlue apart from other competitors is their pricing plan (SMS credits separately with no expiry date) based on the number of emails you send.

Email Plans:

  • Free – $0 for 300 emails per day and unlimited contacts.
  • Lite – $25/month for 40,000 emails per month and no daily sending limit.
  • Essential – $39/month for 60,000 emails per month and the ability to remove the Sendinblue logo from emails.
  • Premium – $66/month for 120,000 emails per month and marketing automation features.
  • Enterprise – Price varies and includes all premium features, dedicated account manager, priority support, and more.

6. Drip


Drip is a powerful email marketing service for eCommerce.Drip offers a wide range of tools to make marketing automation, sales funnels, and personalization easy that you can track valuable commerce metrics related to customers’ intent and purchase behavior.

If you are selling products online, you can consider Drip. For sure, Drip will be a top choice for your online store because it integrates with WordPress, WooCommerce, Facebook Ads.

This is intelligent marketing automation tools, smarter email segmenting, list groups, and a visual workflow builder. 

These features allow you to reach customers through touchpoints online, email marketing. Based on the CRM feature, it lets you have deeper conversations with your customers and send emails at the right time.

CRM gives you a clearer view of what actions and campaigns bring money to you by understanding their purchase intent and behavior. 

Email Plans:

  • Basic – The Basic plan costs $49/month for up to 2500 active subscribers.
  • Pro – The Pro plan costs $122/month for up to 5000 active subscribers.
  • Enterprise – The cost varies for this plan and is for people who have more than 5000 active subscribers.

Reviews of email marketing services Drip :


  • A tag-based structure
  • Complex events and tracking
  • Powerful visual automation builder
  • Automatic resend to unopened announcements
  • Integration with Zapier
  • Exceptional support channels


  • Restricted split-testing ability
  • Inadequate form builder
  • Limited template library


Here are 6 examples of the best email marketing services that give you a lot of choices to get started with email marketing. Each service includes specific pros and cons, hence, it is essential to take careful consideration to choose which one is the most suitable for your business. 

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