15+ Best B2B Data Providers For Magento 2 (2021)

best b2b database magento 2

15+ Best B2B Data Providers For Magento 2 (2021)

To reach the exact audience among thousands of buyers, a good source of data is never redundant. This blog post will provide you with our complete list of the best B2B data providers for Magento 2 as well as any other ecommerce platforms.

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Is In-house B2B Data Enough for Magento 2?


Compared to purchasing B2B customer data, building an in-house information system is still essential.

Data gathered from the customers visiting the business website will certainly be of higher quality than data purchased from outside.

The reason is that the visitors to the website are inherently interested and want to learn about the product/service you are promoting.

If you happen to use Magento 2 for ecommerce, BSSCommerce has developed B2B Registration and Customer Attribute for efficient B2B customer account data collection/management.

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Both of them have the incredible ability for building & managing B2B customer data!

magento 2 b2b registration & customer attribute

TAKE A LOOK at Magento 2 B2B Registration – The best option for B2B management!

While Magento 2 B2B Registration lets you add B2B-designed fields for extra information, Magento 2 Customer Attributes allows you to be fully creative at adding custom fields on the registration form.

These additional fields allow you to collect as much information as possible such as date of birth, avatar, job title, customer interests, and so on.

Moreover, B2B Registration provides you with a convenient way to easily manage your B2B customer data accounts by validating customers whether they are your expected target buyers or not.

In case your business targets both B2B and B2C prospects, this tool also lets you segment these two groups by providing both normal and B2B registration forms. 

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Either using them alone or combining them for better results, our extensions definitely would be of use for collecting B2B contacts data on your website.

Why You Still Need Trusted B2B Business Database?

b2b database magento 2

Do-it-yourself is never a perfect choice in the long run, especially for data since it’s an essential part of the process of building a business strategy for accurate sales and marketing.

Using an in-house strategy for collecting and creating the B2B business database is entirely reasonable.

Yet, suppose your business lacks individuals with enough knowledge and experience in data collection and processing. In that case, the obtained information will quickly become deviations and significantly affect the company’s ability to generate profits.

That’s why besides using an in-house method of collecting data, your B2B business would need an external data source by professionals.

Let’s take a look at our list below to find the best-suited solution for your business!

The Complete List of B2B Data Providers

1. Top quality, trusted B2B data sources



Provided data solutions for over 15,000 companies including big names like Amazon, Zoom, T Mobile, Citrix, Zen Desk and even Google, Zoominfo is fascinating with many huge numbers: 14 million company profiles, 46 million direct dials, 80 million direct emails and more.

ZoomInfo is a SaaS company that provides a cloud-based software specialise for several complex needs of data.

They have a vast range of services, from delivering buyer insights, social data, customer profile to web form optimisation and even lead enrichment and sale engagement.

With their data system, the company also supports data integration for CRM, sales automation, marketing automation like Salesforce, HubSpot, Eloqua, Marketo and Microsoft Dynamic.



InsideView is proven to be one of the top quality providers with over 40,000 trusted data sources that created 5,3 millions of sales.

They specialise in providing data management solutions through CRM, cleaning insufficient customer data and replacing it with efficient and high-quality data sources for B2B businesses.

Data management, market segmentation & planning, sales acceleration are their provided solutions for large and small B2B businesses.

Not to mention, they also fully support integration with Salesforce if you need.

Some of their clients to be mentioned include HP, American Airlines, Snack, Box,…

Thomson Data

thomson data

Thomson Data has a massive list of B2B contacts up to 150 million, growing day by day with research and development by a team of 150+ data scientists.

Technologies they track including cloud services, hardware, enterprise resource planning (ERP), project management, customer relationship management (CRM), productivity solutions and many others.

Up to 27% of B2B marketers in the US have used Thomson Data’s services. Thomson’s clients include big names like IBM, Oracle and Reuters.

Dun & Bradstreet

dun & bradstreet

Dun & Bradstreet is the oldest B2B data provider with 200 years in operation. They offer B2B and B2C data for entrepreneurs, commercial credit information and several reports of businesses.

Their uniqueness lies in the DUNS numbers (Data Universal Numbering System) located in cloud-database that has been assigned and collected for over 50 years.

The DUNS numbers continuously generate business insight reports for over 100 million companies from small businesses to large enterprises around the world.

To be named a few, they offer data management, digital marketing and sales acceleration and various products such as D&B Connect, D&B Optimizer and D&B Direct.


netwise data

The company is well-known as one of the leading B2B database companies with a history of clients, ranging from FoxNews, The New York Times to IBM and Oracle.

NetWise claims to have the complete B2B Audience data of the industry, which is backed up by their B2B-to-Consumer ID graph.

They provide an insane amount of audience data with over 30 million businesses from across the US, which splitted into about 500 B2B segments and over 150 B2C segments.

Netwise also supports customer data implementation for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Salesforce and many other platforms to come.

2. Affordable price, best value for B2B entrepreneurs


adapt io

Received several G2 Crowd prizes such as “Momentum Leader of Fall 2020”, “Top 100 Software Companies of 2020” and more, Adapt (also known as Adaptable Database) is recognised for their quality list of leads!

They cover a considerable quantity of industries, ranging from real estate, health care, education to technology and media with over 100 million contacts.

The company is an excellent choice for B2B newcomers since it comes up with a flexible pricing plan to suit your business status. They also provide solutions divine into different needs for marketing, sale or recruiting.

Their trusted clients include Accenture, Twilio, Pinterest and even Google.



Uplead is the lead generation tool for various big names like Google, Amazon, Oracle, IBM, Dropbox and more with over 46 million contact data and an accuracy guarantee of 95%. They are said to be the better alternative of ZoomInfo.

The company focuses on providing several solutions for B2B businesses, which includes email verification, data enrichment, technographic and more.

With only $99,00 per month, you can access their basic pricing plan with full features and personalised integration for Chrome and CRM, including a wide range of platforms such as Zapier, Outreach, HubSpot, ZOHO, Salesforce and more.



With over 17 years of experience, Xtract is an impressive data provider for B2B with about 100 million contacts over 12 industries.

By using AI to collect raw data from various sources, they restructure data and process them into information for cleansing and normalising.

Beside six solutions ranging from intelligent analysis, reputation management to data enrichment, the company also has five different data platforms to suit different needs of entrepreneurs: Mojo, Mobito, RefreshData360, DigiSense360, etc.

Their pricing is flexible between products, so try contacting them for a suitable plan.


discover org

DiscoverOrg is a trusted B2B data provider with many big brands as their clients: LG, GitHub, Citibank, Fujitsu, Panasonic, etc. 

The company focuses on providing real-time buying signals & highly targeted sale leads from a powerful cloud-based platform.

DiscoverOrg fully supports data integration for several popular sales and marketing automation platforms including HubSpot, Salesforce, ZOHO and more.

Fresco Data


Fresco Data is one of the pinnacle players in providing trusted B2B data for a reasonable price, which, of course, brought the best value for any B2B entrepreneurs.

The company has more than 100 million B2B contacts and 1 billion B2C contacts from 90 countries worldwide.

Via many different technologies, they enhance the data quality for B2B purposes like identity verification, data licensing, data enhancement, data validation…

The basic pricing plan costs $199.00/month, while the highest pricing plan is up to $399.00/month.

3. Good service, satisfy customer supports



If you are looking for a reliable email list, try contacting InfosB4B.

They are confident with an accuracy of 85 – 90% in marketing, up to 90% deliverability rate of ROI return for outreach campaigns and 95% of inbox placement for lead generation.

InfosB4B also supports providing contact data for Salesforce users as well as other ERP software for B2B businesses with great care. Their support team is constant and eager to help if possible.

In addition to a massive email list of technology, healthcare, real estate businesses, InfosB4B also offers trusted C level executives email lists if needed.

Some of their clients are big names such as IBM, Oracle, Adobe, Accenture, Microsoft.

Data Axle

data axle usa

Also known as InfoUSA, the company is recognised by Forrester to be a leading provider of B2B data with over 45 years in compilation and services. 

Using their app means getting full integrations for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. Moreover, Data Axle excels in many services such as data processing, database services, agency services, lead generation and even data monetisation.

The company also has a fantastic record with over 20% of all Fortune 500 companies as their customers in reaching for a successful B2B marketing data solution.

To be named, some of their clients are Gannett, Resideo, Vendasta, Brandify.


MarTech Breakthrough recently awarded AnalyticsIQ as the “Best Predictive Analytics Solution” of 2020. 

For B2B, AnalyticsIQ database is already massive with about 22 million businesses and 59 million professionals that are ready to be used.

Moreover, they also provide a tremendous amount of consumer data that is over 240 million individuals and 118 million households.

AnalyticsIQ is well known for ethic practices in collecting data and excellent support for customers by selecting and customising their data to fit your needs.


PureB2B claims to have a database consisting of 125 million global buyers, which splitted into several industries of general, HR, marketing, finance and IT businesses that fits your needs. 

Unlike AnalyticsIQ, PureB2B is a full-funnel centralized B2B business database with all 3 of its services central around wholesale intent: B2B lead generation, B2B content creation, B2B lead development.

The company has over 80% customer retention rate, which proves how amazing their services are compared to other data providers.

PureB2B clients include many big brands such as Google, Zoom, Lenovo, Adobe, SurveyMonkey, Amazon Web Services and more.



LeadGenius is an intelligent service startup with potential development in finding customised B2B data, backed by many investors from Lumia Capital, SJF Ventures,… from Silicon Valley.

Even though there aren’t many numbers to be mentioned, as a startup, LeadGenius has many famous clients like eBay, Facebook, Square, Box, Financial Force and more.

By using AI in finding and managing information, they offer B2B data from over 40 countries in 28 languages, provide personalised B2B customer data instead of wide-range B2B data as many others. 

Their services include data personalisation, account monitoring and purchase intent analysation.


b2b business data source

Have you chosen a perfect fit for your business?

If not, then consider using extensions to gather B2B customer information yourself with the help of our mentioned B2B Registration & Customer Attributes.

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